Introduction on the Executive Committee

Hello, this is the Regional Color/ My Color Executive Committee.

The moving effect that beauty, or what one perceives as beautiful, has on a person’s mind and heart is the same for each and every one of us.

Perhaps we can also view our hometowns in a different light if seen as beautiful.

With the aim of getting children interested in the rich nature and deep history that they are surrounded by, the Regional Color/ My Color Executive Committee uses the viewpoint of color to remind the children of their hometown charms and get them to enjoy learning more about them. Our goal is for this project to help promote long-lasting regional development.

We believe that to view your hometown through the perspective of color is to feel its beauty.

Perhaps we can feel a sense of pride towards our hometowns if we regard the places that we live as beautiful.

We believe that, more than anything, regional development is to feel proud of your hometown, which will in turn produce people who are confident in themselves.

As the Regional Color/ My Color Executive Committee, we hope to receive your input and further develop this project of ours.

We would like to end by expressing our sincerest gratitude towards every person who has shown interest and supported our project thus far.

Ryoji Teruyama
Committee Chairman